Final Fantasy VI: Worlds Collide

Version 1.1.0

Step 1: Select ROM
Select ROM

Begin by selecting an uncompressed Final Fantasy III Version 1.0 US ROM

Step 2: Select Seed
Moogle's First Seed

Introductory seed with a video guide available. Ask questions and join the discussion in our #moogles-first-seed channel on discord. Stop by and say hello, kupo!

Seed Of The Week

Hand-crafted flags updated every week. Join the dedicated #seed-of-the-week discord channels to discuss strategies and compare completion times

Standard Race

Popular settings selected by community members for competitive and co-op events, tournaments, and races

Popular Seeds
New Seeds

Just Casual

Anonymous ,  Apr 08, 2024

Just Casual

Anonymous ,  Apr 08, 2024

First Try

Anonymous ,  Apr 04, 2024


Anonymous ,  Apr 02, 2024

Race Seed Dpad

Anonymous ,  Mar 30, 2024

Race Seed Dpad

Anonymous ,  Mar 30, 2024

Random Seeds


Anonymous ,  Apr 18, 2023


Anonymous ,  May 17, 2023

Living Seed: Jan 17, 2023

Anonymous ,  Jan 18, 2023

Threebabies RNGeezus

Anonymous ,  Jul 30, 2022

Step 3: Join The Community

A welcoming and passionate community of players happy to answer questions, organize races, and discuss strategies and ideas


Guides, FAQs, glossary, and detailed information about objectives, flags, checks, tools, and more


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